24-Hour Emergency Roadside Fuel Delivery Service in Buffalo

Have you ever had to call a towing company because your car ran out of gas? If so, Jeff’s Towing can relate. Jeff’s Towing is a full-service towing and emergency roadside assistance provider in the Buffalo area.

Jeff’s Towing has been serving Western New York for over 30 years. Jeff’s Towing offers 24-hour roadside assistance with up to 10 miles of free towing or if you prefer, Jeff can send one of his skilled technicians on foot up to 1/4 mile. Jeff will have 5 gallons of fuel-ready for you when he arrives so your vehicle may continue its journey safely and without interruption.  Jeff knows that sometimes these things happen when we are busy or preoccupied. Jeff’s Towing understands that not everyone can afford to have their car towed, so Jeff has the solution to keep you on the go hassle-free. Jeff will follow you in your vehicle to ensure you do not have any further problems on the road and he will safely deliver you back home or to your place of business without delay. Jeff’s Towing is ready 24/7 with no long-term commitments and Jeff believes this service should be available for all drivers at any time regardless of where they are located within Buffalo. Jeff wants all his customers that need help on the road to know Jeff’s Towing is here for them when they call today.