If you climbed into someone else’s truck, and that truck happened to be equipped with an AMP Research power step, you probably wondered where you could get a set of high quality PowerSteps for your own truck. You can get yours right here, right now. See our selection of PowerSteps for every make of truck.

If you work in the construction industry, you know how difficult it can be to happily hop into your elevated truck cab at the end of a long day. Climbing up into your truck cab can be a bit much first thing in the morning, too, especially if you’ve got mug of coffee in one hand and a roll of blueprints under your arm. An AMP Research power step would simplify your life considerably. With a power step from AMP Research, getting into and out of your tall truck is practically effortless. Just open a door, and the AMP Research power step deploys itself into position. Step up, close the door, and the step silently retracts into an out of the way, stowed position. There’s never been a truck accessory as useful as the remarkable PowerStep by AMP.

If you’re good with tools and don’t mind spending a hour of your weekend, you may be able to install an AMP Research power step kit. If you’re not exactly Mr Handy, you can have your AMP Research PowerStep™ kit installed by any body shop. Once your PowerStep™ is installed on your high-profile vehicle, getting up into and down out of your truck, bus or van will be easier than ever. You may even wonder how you or anyone else was ever able to get in and out of your truck without the assistance of the amazing AMP Research PowerStep™. You are welcomed to visit our facility at 400 West Cypress Avenue in beautiful Irvine, California. Amp Research Power Step