Long Distance Vehicle Transport/Towing Service in Buffalo

When you need your vehicle transported over a long distance, Jeff’s Towing Buffalo can do the job. We have several trucks that are “long-distance capable”. Long-distance transport trucks usually include increased suspension to handle the increased weight and stabilize the load during transport. Long-distance transports also tend to use single driver cabs instead of double cab styles since there is no passenger compartment or additional safety features needed for this type of application.

The one thing almost every long-distance transport needs is covering. Long Distance Transporting covers not only keep your car safe from weather elements but it keeps prying eyes off your possessions as well. Some owners find value in placing their own tarp cover over their vehicle before we arrive; however, that would require the owner to be present at pick-up. Jeff’s Towing Buffalo always supplies Long Distance Towing covers with every Long Distance Transport. Long Distance Transporting is not advisable in inclement weather however if there is no way around it, we can provide the extra coverage you need for your Long Distance Tow.

Jeff’s Towing Buffalo can transport your vehicle over long distances when you need an experienced Long Distance Towing company that provides Long-Distance Carrier services in Erie County, Niagara County and Western New York State. We can accommodate most any request for Long-distance towing carriers west of the Hudson River too (NYC Metro area).

Long Distance Transporting requires equipment that Jeff’s Towing Buffalo already has on hand so there is no need for Long Distance Carrier to have its own equipment or subcontractors. Long-distance carriers are usually contracted by Long Distance Towing companies to transport vehicles Long distances, so Long Distance Towing trucks already have Long Distance Transporting rigs available.

Long-distance transport is not particularly complicated nor expensive; however, it can be time-consuming depending on how far your vehicle needs to go. If you plan appropriately though, Long Distance Transporting can save you time and money if preferred by overdriving your personal vehicle for the same trip.

Jeff’s Towing Buffalo provides Long Distance Transport services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout Western New York including Erie County, Niagara County, and the entire state of New York (NYC Metro area). Call us for Long Distance Towing and Long Distance Carrier services in Buffalo NY, the surrounding Western New York area, and beyond. Jeff’s Towing Buffalo also provides Long Distance Transport anywhere in the United States!