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We admit it; Maserati is not at the forefront of people’s minds when discussing luxury cars. However, you have to accept that they have a distinguishable engine sound, stylish Italian aesthetic, and an aggressive beauty that makes it a charm on the road.

To keep in mind, the Maserati needs vigorous maintenance to ensure it keeps its peak performance and excellent Maserati service and parts for a long time. Use this guideline to learn the best time to take bring in your vehicle for different maintenance schedules and a glimpse of what to expect with different services.

When to schedule Charlotte Maserati auto repair and maintenance

Driving style

The blanket interval of most Maserati cars is between 7000 and 10,000 miles. You may need more oil changes if you have frequent off-road drives, race, or heavy tow machinery. We can help you determine the exact time to bring in your car when you come in for an inspection.


It is worth noting that the car manual has informative tips for you to keep up vigorous maintenance. Reading the manual will give you an idea of maintaining different systems and whether you need professionals to address severe issues. It is essential to get genuine parts and documentation of a used car for a more accurate perception of the maintenance plan.

Mileage intervals

Maserati vehicles have a complex system to alert you on a service deadline. The Maserati requires interval maintenance programs every 12,500 miles or at least once a year for the following services:

  • Filter and oil change
  • Checking and changing the coolant level
  • Inspecting the engine for leaks
  • Inspecting and maintaining the brake system
  • Checking the tire pressure and tires for wear
  • Checking the engine fluid

The 25,000 foreign cars maintenance plan will include the following services:

  • Intensive road tests
  • Checking the alternator and belt health
  • Replacing the engine’s air filter
  • Inspecting the cooling system, brakes, and fuel injections

Extended warranty

Every new purchase has a four-year warranty, including roadside assistance and transportation in all of North America. Maserati may offer a one-year extension with comprehensive benefits for your mechanical components. The extended warranty offers the same services as the comprehensive one; hence, you will have an extra year to map out the next step of the vehicle’s maintenance. It may be time to get in-depth inspections and maintenance routines when you have a year or couple of months left in the warranty.

Physical and electrical signs

The Maserati is a near-perfect vehicle with Maserati service in Charlotte NC. Check out for the following signs to determine whether you need immediate maintenance and repair:

  • Inability to switch the gears
  • Slipping gears
  • The drags clutch
  • Leaks of the transmission fluid, which are apparent when you see red or brown spots beneath the car
  • A persistent check engine light
  • A humming or strange sound
  • Unresponsiveness when you change the transmission
  • Shaking or vibration when you drive or out it on idle

Maserati maintenance in Charlotte, NC, will vary according to the timeline and technical complications. Our Charlotte Maserati dealer in Charlotte NC encourages you to bring in your car for inspection at any time or request an appointment for more information.

maserati maintenance Charlotte NC

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