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People have a general idea of a car’s market value. They, however, miss analyzing if the indicated amount is accurate. Several factors influence the final cost of a vehicle.

The different prices are reflective of the car’s depreciation. The first year of a car’s usage has a devaluation of twenty to thirty percent. The downward spiral continues at a moderate rate of 80-85 percent in the second year. The subsequent year has a depreciation of 80-85 percent of the second year’s pace.

Factors that influence a car’s price

Model, year and make

The specific details will price the car at different values. A 2015 Nissan Sentra XE will have a higher cost than a 2013 version of the same model and condition


The technological features of a car increase the general cost of the vehicle


The typical annual mileage of a motor is approximately 12,000 miles. Additional usage of the motor-car causes an equivalent reduction of the price


The car market has terminologies that describe the state. The difference between a clean motor and an outstanding car could easily be $1200


The general price of oil influences the market demand of a vehicle. A duration with affordable oil prices will have increased purchases of trucks and SUVs. This case means that a car will hold its value for long because the owner will get an upside-down loan on a used car


This factor is not a prominent factor that influences depreciation. Neutral shades of black, white, and silver will have a slower depreciation rate than cars with exotic colors. Neutral colors are attractive to people who use their vehicles on a regular. Flashy cars like lime green and yellow may not be ideal for mundane errands like going to work.


Certain brands maintain a high resale value than others. These include affordable and conventional vehicles like Toyota and Honda. Cars with a good reputation will usually have a steady built and parts that are easy to attain in the local market.

How to maintain a used car from our store

Used car dealers in Sherwood Park will provide details about a car’s status of usage. The data should help you pick the best model and make, as well as adjust your budget accordingly. Mac James Motors provides follow up services on sold cars.

We can help with unexpected repair bills to ease your experience with a used car. Use the following tips to maintain a used car’s condition for more months of years after leaving our dealership.

  • Ask for the manual – The used car dealers in Sherwood Park may have a manual that will guide your purchases. Learn about the recommended service intervals to help you in scheduling payments from our dealership.
  • Listen to the mechanic – A variety of different pieces of advice and warnings will give you a hint when something begins to be faulty. Listen to the engine for any noise and keep a record of the observations before visiting a repair shop.

used car dealers Sherwood Park

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